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The Marketing Plan

The reading level for this article is Novice If marketing is everything you do to place your product (or service) in the hands of potential customers, how do you do it all — especially if you’re all alone? It helps...




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      The Problem is Your Marketing Strategy

      The reading level for this article is Novice Here’s the Difference between Marketing That Works and Marketing That Doesn’t work. It’s All About STRATEGY! A fellow business owner and marketer made this request...

        Advice for New Entrepreneurs

        Being an entrepreneur requires that you are intelligent, focused, and passionate.? As such, most business fail in the first year because the entrepreneur either doesn’t have those qualities, or makes one of the following...

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        The reading level for this article is All Levels   Quiz: Are you Creative?   Worried you may not be creative, or you may not be creative enough? Take this quiz and find out just how creative you are.   Get a piece...

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